Addicted to food? Here’s what you need to know.

I believe you when you say you feel totally out of control, totally obsessed, and unable to stop yourself around certain foods. I may be skeptical about the idea of food addiction, but that’s not to say I don’t believe you’ve got some complicated food stuff going on. But what if it’s not actually an addiction? What if there’s another explanation that is less about addiction and more about our relationship to food?


The Cost of Weight Watchers “Free” Teen Program

Weight Watchers is not a benevolent humanitarian organization who has your child’s well-being in mind. Over the past few years this multi-billion dollar company has had to seek new and innovative ways to increase profits for its shareholders. By marketing to teens, they increase the possibility of lifetime customers. They are growing their customer base by marketing body shame to a younger audience.

Let’s Talk About Our Relationship With Food

Let’s return to thinking about relationship with food and our bodies. Our bodies want us to communicate and listen. When we’re hungry, our body wants to be fed. Our body wants to trust that we’ll nourish it regularly with food in order to care for it. At other times, we may not feel hungry and our bodies want to enjoy food just for fun or just for comfort. Paying attention to our body’s cues for food is part of having that healthy relationship.