Bringing Peace to the Table

Fostering wholesome conversations about food with your children early on will help them have better healthy relations with food and their body image as they get older. Read on for some simple tips to help your family mealtimes feel more calm and pleasant while prompting important conversations.

Building Gratitude When Everything Is Strange and Scary: A Love Letter to Families of Young Children During the Pandemic

Small people have sooooooo many feelings, and they need you to help manage them. Having all those feelings is hard for them, but they're also hard for parents to face too. Can you imagine having a coworker who screamed, threw things, flung themselves onto the ground, or cried whenever they were frustrated? That’s unbearable! But that’s the reality of small people learning to manage big feelings.

The summer baby boom is coming! Here’s how to keep your cool and support your pregnant person.

You are not responsible to provide medical care. Often, the most helpful thing for you to do is to talk to your partner, and pay attention to their needs. Holding hands, talking, and looking them in the eyes might be comforting, and it helps you avoid observing any medical procedures that might be necessary. Caring, competent health care providers can give the needles – you don’t have to watch! You are there to provide emotional support, caring and encouragement.